Searches for buzzcuts have soared following the debut of Harry Styles’ new look, but how can hair pros master the transformative style? Our Most Wanted and It List winners share their top tips

Longer lengths are out and the buzzcut is back in a big way, if search data on Google is anything to go by. Following the reveal on social media of Mr. Styles’ new look, searches for ‘buzzcut hair’ have risen 158 per cent worldwide in the last week. New research by hair salon comparison site PriceListo  reveals that online searches for ‘buzzcut’ skyrocketed to over double the average volume in one week, with searches for ‘Harry Styles hair’ also increasing by a 205 per cent. 

While hair pros across the globe will be familiar with the iconic cut, when it comes to delivering a brilliant buzzcut, there is an art to doing it the right way. “When executing these cuts, despite claims of quick simplicity, it’s crucial to take your time to avoid missing hairs,” says It List The Business Builder 2023 winner, Charles Rose of Crate Chesire. “Executing a buzzcut requires attention to detail, thorough consultations, and consideration of the client’s preferences for length and style,” he adds. “Regular maintenance, proper aftercare, and communication about expectations contribute to a successful buzz cut experience.”

Though not so straightforward as it may initially seem, for many clients it gives a chance to press reset on their style. “For my clients it’s always a good way to start again when they are unsure what style to go for next,” says Most Wanted Legend, Jody Taylor. “They have to go through so many different lengths when growing it out, so sometimes they will find a style they may not have ever thought about.” 

Before reaching for the clippers, Charles advises checking the client’s hairline and preparing them for potential changes to ensure a thorough consultation.

When it comes to cutting techniques, move the blade or guards in all directions to achieve a uniform length. “Don’t just take the guards upwards; go against the hair growth when needed,” he states. “Discuss with the client whether they prefer sharp lines or a faded look around the front and back, using a razor for precision.” It’s also important to consider how short they want to go or if they prefer a gradual taper. “Buzzcut techniques, including fading and tapering, can be applied to soften or sharpen the overall look,” Charles adds. 

Managing buzzcuts post-appointment will vary for each client. Charles points out that while some may appreciate the quick regrowth, others will prefer a more regular schedule. “Advise clients on the potential need for more frequent visits compared to their previous style,” he advises.

When advising on proper after care, always recommend a scalp-friendly shampoo and keeping head and hair hydrated. Depending on the desired length, product application is possible. For extremely short cuts like a grade two, keeping the scalp hydrated is essential to prevent dryness.

Though there may be more to the buzzcut than meets the eye, the roots in freedom and empowerment remain as true today as when the radical cut became popular with subcultures during the ’50s and ’60s. “If you haven’t shaved your head before it’s definitely something you need to do at some point in life – I always find it quite liberating with my own hair,” adds Jody.

Fellow Most Wanted winner and BaByliss PRO ambassador Ky Wilson also appreciates the power in starting from scratch. “Amen to this! Remove all the sins,” he exclaims. “Anyone that mentions it in my chair I give them the clippers and get them to do the first bit themselves just to feel the feels. Then I take over of course!”