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Tickets On Sale For The Most Wanted And It List Grand Final

Tickets On Sale For The Most Wanted And It List Grand Final

Tickets On Sale For The Most Wanted And It List Grand Final

Join us for a night of celebrations when we crown Creative HEAD’s stars of 2024

HeadUp X Calm

Creative HEAD is thrilled to announce tickets are on sale now for the 2024 Most Wanted and It list Grand Final, where 22 trophies will be bestowed.

Taking place on Monday 2 September, hairdressing’s ‘hot ticket’ event moves this year to Beams – a brand new lofty East London location by the River Thames, which has already played host to big brands like Bentley and Converse, and globally acclaimed DJs including  Skepta and The Martinez Brothers. Launched as a centre for new culture, the authentically preserved former warehouse is now getting set for our gathering of the industry’s greatest – to witness the spectacle of 700 A-listers from the worlds of hair, fashion, the media and beyond dressed up to the max – coming together to celebrate the crowning of 16 Most Wanted and six It List winners.

Over the years, as well as platforming the most accomplished and exciting talents in British and Irish hairdressing, the Most Wanted and It List Grand Final has welcomed to the stage comedians like Katherine Ryan and Jack Whitehall, beatboxer Mr Fox and drag act, Sync The Pink. Working with the most stylish caterers in town, the event is always fully loaded with sensational food and drink – only the coolest offerings make it onto our Grand Final menus. Our photography and video teams are everywhere on the night, capturing every minute of every magic moment – including exclusive content for our souvenir supplement (featuring imagery from our specially commissioned and now famous Grand Final photo shoot).

From doors open to guest departure, we work hard to make sure every single Grand Final attendee is having the most wonderful time. The icing on the cake? Everything is included in the ticket price (including the after-party bar) – the only reason to bring your wallet is for the taxi ride home.

MWIT’s about to go down – ready to secure your tickets? Email your booking request to laura@alfol.co.uk. For ticket enquires call +44 (0)20 7324 7540.

Most Wanted and It List Grand Final 2024

Monday 2 September

7pm until 1.30am 

Beams, London E16 2HB

Ceremonies are scheduled to conclude at midnight.


Single ticket: £285 + plus VAT

Table of 10: £2,750 + VAT

Limited number of VIP tables available, please ask for details. Prices include all food and drink – all night long. Ticket terms and conditions apply. 


Six Final Checks Ahead Of The Most Wanted And It List Entry Deadline

Six Final Checks Ahead Of The Most Wanted And It List Entry Deadline


You’ve made the time and done the work, so don’t fall at the final hurdle. Consult this checklist for the best chance of success.

MWIT Judge 23

1: Don’t miss the deadline.
It may sound obvious, but set 50 alarms and reminders, highlight the date on your calendars, pin a giant note to your wardrobe door… 9pm, Monday 20 May is the cut-off for submitting your completed entries.  

2: There’s an age limit for It Listers.
If you’re entering the It List, you must be aged 30 or under at the competition closing date (Monday 20 May), and proof of age is required at the time of entry. Make sure you’re within range – and if you’re not, remember, there is no age limit for Most Wanted.

3: Re-check the category criteria.
Each category asks for specific entry content, and how you supply this content differs between them. So, make sure you provide precisely what’s stated within the criteria – and if you’re entering multiple categories, don’t assume the same applies. To further hammer home the importance of this point, we provide our judges with criteria for entry, and this is what they refer to when delivering their scores. Missing content = missing the mark.  

4: Keep to the page counts, timeframes and file delivery formats.
After pouring time and energy into your entries, don’t let an oversight like exceeding the maximum number of PDF pages, or going over the stated video duration, be your downfall. To avoid disqualification, stick within the limits and adhere to the file delivery instructions as outlined on the category page for the award you are entering. Again, these details can differ, so check and check again, to make doubly sure you aren’t over- – or incorrectly – submitting.  

5: Don’t forget your ‘supporting imagery’.
It’s a small but crucial detail; each category asks for some ‘supporting imagery’, which may be used to promote your success if you reach the finals. We need it, so don’t forget it! For It List categories, this also includes proof of age (such as a copy of the picture page of your passport, your driving licence, or your birth certificate). Omit nothing! 

6: Supply correct – and your OWN – details on the entry form.
When you upload your entries, you are required to complete an online entry form. This part’s vitally important, because if the judges put you through, we use the details you provide to showcase your success as a finalist and to keep in touch throughout the next stages of the competition. The details must be your own, as the entrant (they cannot be those of a third party – for example, a PR representative), so take a minute to check everything’s present and correct before you hit ‘upload’. 

So, that’s it – six final checks to help you deliver your entries in line with requirements. For general guidance on how to enter, and answers to frequently asked questions, visit the ‘entry instructions’ sections at the Most Wanted and It List pages.  

Now, go forth and master MWIT!


The New Guard

The New Guard

Creative HEAD’s It List, exclusively partnered by ghd, gives hairdressing’s brightest young talents a seat at the table, allowing their voices to be heard and their ideas to flourish.

‘Ask Me Anything’, With Most Wanted Legend Jody Taylor

‘Ask Me Anything’, With Most Wanted Legend Jody Taylor


Jody Taylor won the Men’s Hair Specialist award three times. Here, he shares advice and guidance on taking home a 2024 trophy.

Team Phillipart

Sitting on the fence about entering Most Wanted? We probed three-times Men’s Hair Specialist winner, Jody Taylor, for answers to common questions about the competition. Here’s what he gave us. 

You were already a successful artist before winning your first Most Wanted award, why did you enter? 

Because it’s a chance for me to reflect on my own work. To put everything into a presentation and have something I can look back on. It’s also a chance for other people to see my work, who weren’t aware of it beforehand. 

Did you have a game plan for preparing your entries?  

Um, no, I didn’t. The most important part is to just start! I’m a great believer that action creates motivation, so put some time aside, review your work over the last year, what you’ve achieved, and if relevant, pull together the images you’ve created. Then think about your case study and take it from there. My entries took me a while – I went over and over them until I was happy. Then I started cutting them down and got my friends, colleagues and family to look. The only way to do it, is to physically do it – don’t procrastinate over it. It’s just giving yourself time, having a look at it and giving it a go. 

How did you find the time to get everything done? 

There’s not enough time in life to do everything, you just have to prioritise what’s important to you. Entering Most Wanted was something I wanted to put time aside for.

Did you find it difficult putting together the written parts of your entries? 

My English – spelling, literature, everything – is the worst in the world, so I’d write it in my own words, then ask a friend, or family member – my Mum – to proofread it, and help me with it. What I wanted was for the words to be my own. We’re hairdressers, we’re not necessarily academics; as long as your words read like you, that’s what’s important. 

How did you decide what to include or exclude? 

It was quite easy for me. There were moments over the particular year – projects I’d done – that I was super proud of. Ultimately, you’ve got to think of the things that give you stand out from the crowd in your specific field. 

You won three times; did you change your approach each year? 

No. My approach was very similar each time, in that I created a magazine with my work. I wanted to have something I could keep with me as memorabilia, too, so a lot of thought went into the design, the format and the images I selected. I kept it the same every year because I wanted to create these books, almost so I can look back at them in 20 years’ time and think, wow that’s cool!  

Looking back, is there anything you’d change about your entries? 

No, I wouldn’t change anything because I know I put every effort into them, and I think that’s the most important thing. It seemed to work for me! 

Did winning have an impact on you and/or your career? 

Definitely! I’ve got a lovely shiny trophy – or three of them – up on my shelf, which makes me feel very proud. But honestly, it’s not about winning, it’s about entering. Entering is the most important part because you are putting yourself out there and you’re trying to improve. If you don’t win, you’re going to look back and try to improve the next year. Actually, just being proud of your work and allowing other people to see it, I think is the main thing. Making the effort – that is winning for me.  

Any final words about entering? 

100 percent you should enter! Don’t dwell on it, just do it and don’t worry about the outcome. Focus on the doing it! 

It’s free to enter the Most Wanted. Entries must be submitted no later than 9pm on Monday 20 May. Click here for a full list of categories and how to enter. 


Five Tips For Mastering Your Most Wanted And It List Entries

Five Tips For Mastering Your Most Wanted And It List Entries


Some handy hints to support your bid for success in this year’s Most Wanted and It List Awards. 

MWIT Judge 23

Tommy Cunliffe, 2023 judge

We know you’ve got this, but we also know it takes a lot of time, energy and focus to compile an awards entry, so a bit of guidance to keep you on track can only help, right? The following five tips have been gathered from years of experience running the competitions, together with feedback from our judges, so we reckon they’re worth a look. Now, go forth – and go get those Most Wanted and It List trophies!

1. Get to grips with what’s needed first 

Once you’ve chosen the category or categories you’re entering, really take time to understand what the criteria is asking for. Not only is it vital to hit all the asks to be eligible for the next phase, but our judges refer to the criteria while they’re evaluating each submission, deciding who has met the brief brilliantly. They can be a great guiding tool in setting out a clear framework for your submission. 

2. Pack in personality 

Think about what sets you apart from your peers. How can you give the judges a sense of who you really are? What is the unique story you want to tell? Inject tonnes of personality into your entry – including within the language you use, the imagery you include, and the stories you’re sharing. This will all help to ensure what you put forward is as authentic to you as possible.

3. Share learnings as well as successes 

The Most Wanted and It List awards are about your journey, not just a small snapshot in time. It’s as important to include how you got to where you are now, as it is to talk about your present situation and future focuses. Don’t be afraid to include learnings alongside successes, judges love to hear how you overcame obstacles and used the experience to fuel your fire! 

4. Show variety
Demonstrate the breadth of your brilliance! If you’re entering a creative category, have you shown a wealth of different work and skills at play, for example a variety of styles/techniques on a diverse range of people. If it’s a business category, have you shared a good balance of what you offer and achieve? Absolutely shout about your key strengths but consider the full scope of what you offer within your craft too. 

5. Leave time for reflection 

You may feel time is on your side right now, but don’t be fooled! You’ve got a lot of awesomeness to sift through and assemble, so make sure you build in enough time to review your entry, make any revisions, and get it uploaded in time for the deadline.

That’s it! Five handy hints to help you on your way, may it be fun and fruitful, good luck! 

It’s free to enter the Most Wanted and the It List 2024. Entries must be submitted no later than 9pm on Monday 20 May. For category lists and entry instructions, click here for Most Wanted and here for the It List. 


The New Guard

The New Guard

Creative HEAD’s It List, exclusively partnered by ghd, gives hairdressing’s brightest young talents a seat at the table, allowing their voices to be heard and their ideas to flourish.




Most Wanted 2024 has launched and the search is on to uncover Britain and Ireland’s most inspiring hairdressing talents.

Nash White

Nashwhite – Most Wanted 2023 Business Thinker winner

Creative HEAD’s Most Wanted Awards recognise the most outstanding, progressive and game-changing talents in British and Irish hairdressing. With 16 sought-after trophies available to the owners and employees of salons, barber shops and other workspaces, as well as self-employed and freelance hair professionals, the competition celebrates a multitude of disciplines, from creative skill to commercial acumen, education, the client experience and a commitment to sustainability. Most Wanted also shines a spotlight on the hairdressing business owners breathing life into the high street, the session artists setting global trends, and the individuals whose skills and smiles transform thousands of lives every single day. 

Now in its 24ᵗʰ year, Most Wanted is widely acknowledged as the industry’s most inclusive and respected competition – in 2023 it enjoyed a record-breaking number of entries. This year, all 16 categories will once again be judged by dozens of names working across hair, fashion, business, and the media – influential names like ELLE UK’s George Driver; broadcaster, journalist and entrepreneur Ateh Jewel; leading salon owner Andrew Collinge; and iconic session stylist Sam McKnight MBE. The awards will culminate in a breathtaking Grand Final, held at an awe-inspiring London venue (Tate Modern, Printworks and the National History Museum have all welcomed our star-studded guests in the past).

Most Wanted 2023 Grand Final

Most Wanted 2023 Grand Final

Naomi Brooks at Most Wanted Grand Final 2023

Naomi Brooks – Most Wanted 2023 Award for Innovation winner 

Says Creative HEAD editorial director, Amanda Nottage: “Hairdressing is a brilliantly diverse industry with a breadth of talent, innovation and originality that leaves you breathless – and that’s what Most Wanted is here to salute and celebrate. We look forward to honouring our entrants’ contributions in style.”

Win a Most Wanted trophy, and the recognition can be life-changing. Previous winners have gone on to represent global brands, lead Fashion Week teams across the world, launch their own workspaces and product ranges, get slots on prime-time TV and collaborate with the world’s most famous designers and publications.

Most Wanted 2024 is free to enter, and entries must be submitted no later than 9pm on Monday 20 May.

For a full list of categories and entry instructions, click here.