Reaction Times

Are you taking allergy testing seriously?

A sip of Ginger Beer

Warming things up this winter

‘Hot Clash’ by Anne Veck

Striking shades and bold geometric shapes

The Home Colour Conundrum

Capitalise rather than comiserate

Life in Colour

Bright colour combinations are explored with more intricate, precise cuts

‘Glow Your Own Way’ by Headmasters

Fresh cuts and natural textures with an autumnal glow

A refreshing taste of Ginger Beer

Spicy, warm and oh-so on trend

‘Freedom and Form’ by Natalie Cole at Charlie Miller

A fusion of commercial and couture styling to enhance individuality, style and colour

Blushing Brunettes

Achieve depth and highlight for dark haired clients

Mistakes? We’ve all been there…

Making her PAINTER debut, Linton & Mac’s colour expert Sarah Black shares her experiences

Naturally beautiful colour with ASP Kitoko

Colour naturally and beautifully

The seven wonders of the Kitoko Botanical Colour world

Rhubarb isn’t just for desserts…

Why we’re excited for ASP Kitoko’s plant power

Tracey Devine Smith has the inside track…

Powder Play with ASP Kitoko Botanical Colour

Mix and match for a bespoke botanical blend

‘Overpowered’ by Casey Coleman

Be bowled over by a mix of creative colouring and powerful shapes from Chair Salons’ Casey Coleman

It’s all about that base with ASP Kitoko

Lay the foundations for beautiful colour