This One Tool Could Transform Your Client Bookings

This One Tool Could Transform Your Client Bookings

This One Tool Could Transform Your Client Bookings

If you’re looking to build your salon brand, consider Fresha a must-have tool to run and grow your business 

Promotion – Fresha

As the social media landscape continues to evolve, having a strong website and social platforms has never been more important for your salon’s online visibility. While great content and engagement will get you so far, there may be one missing ingredient in your perfect progress potion… an online marketplace like Fresha.

Here’s how it works
The marketplace is a hub where potential clients can find, compare, and book services in their local area. Imagine your marketplace profile as your online shop window – it’s the best way for you to make a great first impression and bring new clients straight to your salon’s doorstep.

Most new client journeys start on the internet, and you need to show up in those searches for the best chance of bookings. Having a profile on a platform like Fresha marketplace will boost your local SEO rankings. So, even clients searching on Google are more likely to find your business, especially if you can offer popular services and treatments that set your business apart.

120,000 appointments are booked on the Fresha marketplace every day. Not only is it the world’s largest wellness marketplace, but it’s perfect for showing off your brand, as well as quickly and easily offering discounts or running sales.

A Fresha top tip
Clever pricing is one of your best tactics for winning new clients, and your marketplace profile is there to help you do it. Anyone who browses your services will instantly see how your deals and promotions affect your prices – whether it’s a seasonal flash sale that drives urgency, off-peak pricing to keep your salon busy throughout the day, or last-minute offers to quickly fill un-booked slots.

Treat clients to a better booking experience
With an online marketplace profile, you’ll unlock online bookings for your salon – letting your clients book, rebook, and reschedule their own appointments, 24/7. You’ll cut down your time arranging appointments on the phone and save hours each week, all while filling your calendar even faster.

Nowadays 70 per cent of clients prefer to book online, whether it’s for comfort or convenience, so they’ll love the ease of booking their appointment with you through Fresha. Add clear “Book Now” buttons to your profiles on Google Maps, Instagram, and Facebook, as these are apps your clients use every day.

You can do it all on the Fresha marketplace

With over 18 million monthly users and 120,000 appointments made every day, the Fresha marketplace is the best way to reach new clients, almost effortlessly! Salons typically gain at least 26 per cent more clients after joining the marketplace, and four out of five of those clients return.

Ready to get your salon’s name in lights? List your salon on the Fresha marketplace today, get seen by thousands of local clients, and watch your calendar fill up.


‘THEM’  By the 2024 FAME Team

‘THEM’ By the 2024 FAME Team

‘THEM’ By the 2024 FAME Team

Elle Foreman, Tribe Salons

“In a world often bound by rigid stereotypes, ‘THEM’ challenges conventional norms. We wanted to embrace fluidity, and this photoshoot celebrates the beauty of individuality in all its forms.

Coming away from the traditional idea of beauty, ‘THEM’ celebrates individuals who challenge conformity, whose hair becomes a canvas for self-expression and empowerment. From gender-fluid styles to unconventional textures, each image tells a story of expression and authenticity.
By breaking the stereotypes, ‘THEM’ empowers individuals to embrace their true selves, regardless of societal expectations. It encourages us to celebrate the uniqueness of each person’s journey and to appreciate the beauty of the individual.”

Ilaria Bellemo, TONI&GUY, Canary Wharf

“What if beauty had no gender? In a society that often categorizes and labels, this photoshoot stands as a powerful reminder that the most beautiful things in life are often found in the spaces between, where gender is not confined to binaries but instead is celebrated as a spectrum of beautiful expressions. With this shoot, we wanted to break stereotypes and embrace the fluidity of identity.
Through a series of stunning photographs, ‘androgynous beauty’ becomes a symbol of resistance against conformity, and we wanted to inspire others to embrace their true selves without fear or judgment.

Harry Andreou, Ventura

“‘THEM’ marks our first collection as a team, and its centred on fluidity within shapes and ignoring gender stereotypes. What excites me most is that we’ve captured the essence of each model. Whether street-cast or agency, each model has their own unique style, and although we were guided by a concept, it’s the models who brought their own energy to the shoot.”

Stephen Campbell, Hair & Co

“‘THEM’ celebrates identity, disregarding gender, and instead explores the individuality of each model. In the salon, we are seeing hairstyles become fluid among wearers, showing no specific need for gender-specific attributes. We wanted to showcase this through our collection, showing the real diversity and change we are seeing amongst our commercial clients.”


FAME Team 2024: Harry Andreou, Ilaria Bellemo, Elle Foreman, Stephen Campbell

Photography: Jack Eames

Make-up: Maddie Austin

Products: L’Oreal Professionnel Paris


Who won the 2024 L’Oréal Colour Trophy?

Who won the 2024 L’Oréal Colour Trophy?

Who won the 2024 L’Oréal Colour Trophy?

New venue, new era of the UK’s longest colour competition

HeadUp X Calm

Gee-Kent Ho is celebrating a L’Oréal Colour Trophy win, scooping both the North Eastern region and overall prize at the 2024 grand final at London’s Old Billingsgate.

It was a big night also for Brooks & Brooks, with the salon’s Marlon Hawkins winning the London region and second place. Trevor Sorbie celebrated huge success too, as its Covent Garden salon winning third place, and its Brighton salon winning the Southern region. Its artistic director, Giuseppe Stelitano, also presented one of the event’s two hair shows, introduced by Trevor Sorbie MBE himself, who described the young talent as “a visionary”.

L’Oréal Colour Trophy – first place: Gee-Kent Ho, Newcastle upon Tyne

L’Oréal Colour Trophy – second place: Brooks & Brooks, London

L’Oréal Colour Trophy – third place: Trevor Sorbie, Covent Garden

It was also a major night for L’Oréal Colour Trophy itself, celebrating its 68th contest by switching it up a notch with a tech and innovation powered final at a new venue in London’s Old Billingsgate. Around 1,000 attendees enjoyed installations from fashion designer Jack Irving – as seen at On|Off – with hair by Jack Merrick-Thirlway and the Neville’s team during the pre-show reception.

Fashion design by Jack Irvin

The show itself – hosted by Clara Amfo, with help from DJ Lisa Snowdon, Vogue’s Twiggy Jalloh and make-up influencer Hannah Martin – played out on a circular stage with a jaw-dropping video wall. This proved an impressive backdrop particularly during the art team shows, immersing the audience further in the hair artistry presented on stage.

Host Clara Amfo, with Lisa Snowdon, Twiggy Jalloh and Hannah Martin

The first show – MetaBall from Giuseppe Stelitano and the Trevor Sorbie Creative Team – was a breath-taking affair, fitting for a salon brand that’s celebrating its 45th birthday. An amplified display of texture and wig artistry – cherry cola lengths, high pompadours and neon yellow shags – the presentation kicked up into high gear when dancers decked in feathered headpieces, neon green mullets and more took to the stage in a celebration of New York’s ballroom scene, soundtracked of course to a remix of Madonna’s Vogue.

MetaBall from Giuseppe Stelitano and the Trevor Sorbie Creative Team

Robert Eaton and the Russell Eaton Art Team later shared Luminaire, with all models dressed in white bodysuits as the perfect canvas to spotlight the sumptuous hair creations, and for light displays to play across their faces and bodies. This was a fusion of thigh skimming textured lengths kissed with indigo, two-toned precision bobs in lavender and aubergine, and fuchsia and candy pink. With a voluminous cube of textured sunshine yellow and blonde juxtaposed with bleached-out close crops, it was a masterful display of creativity.

And once all the winners had been revealed? It was on to a barn-storming set delivered by TikTok DJ twins ALTÉGO, a properly fitting high-energy climax to the night.

Luminaire from Robert Eaton and the Russell Eaton Art Team

And the winners are…

L’Oréal Colour Trophy – first place: Gee-Kent Ho, Newcastle upon Tyne

Second place: Brooks & Brooks, London

Third place: Trevor Sorbie, Covent Garden

North Eastern: Gee-Kent Ho, Newcastle upon Tyne

North Western: Saks Hair, Newark

Scotland: Jason Hall Hairdressing, Edinburgh

Western: Zoe Hodgkiss – Hair Artistry, Holsworthy

Eastern: Strictly Xtended, Bishops Stortford

Northern Ireland: Peter Mark, Lisburn

Southern: Trevor Sorbie, Brighton

London: Brooks & Brooks, London

STAR Award: Peter Mark, Belfast

Colour Specialist Award: Amelia Hall, Frances Marshall, Sunderland

Afro Award: Headmasters, Soho

Moving Image Award: Lauren McNeela, Stripe Colour Studio

Future Talent Award: Alex Doherty, Brandon Marchant, Elsie MacDonald, Francesca Bay, Isla McKelvie


Salon owners and freelancers – are you paying yourself the right wage?

Salon owners and freelancers – are you paying yourself the right wage?

Salon owners and freelancers – are you paying yourself the right wage?

Boss Your Salon conducts huge financial survey to help set proper pricing

HeadUp X Calm

Those running their own business often are the last ones being paid properly. Maddi Cook, founder of hair coaching business Boss Your Salon, is on a mission to help salon owners and freelancers set appropriate prices by helping the industry better understand what’s needed financially to keep a business growing. And she needs YOUR help to pull together the numbers!

She is conducting an industry-wide survey to highlight a common mistake made by many business owners, including freelancers. Non-client-facing work – such as admin tasks, stock control and content creation – is often overlooked when calculating the cost of running a business and can significantly impact overall turnover. Maddi believes that this error can result in sole traders and freelancers paying themselves less than the minimum wage.

“We want to gather solid evidence that clearly illustrates the difference between Actual Salary and Required Salary,” explained Maddie. “By understanding these core figures, we can collectively grow as an industry, set appropriate pricing and create sustainably successful businesses.”

Want to take part in the research? This is what you need to do:

Step One: access the Actual Salary Calculator, which helps you determine your current actual earnings.

Step Two: access the Required Salary Calculator, which focuses on calculating the necessary earnings to cover overhead costs and the cost of living.

The deadline for completing the research, and free access to the calculators, is 31 July.

HeadUp X Calm


Tickets On Sale For The Most Wanted And It List Grand Final

Tickets On Sale For The Most Wanted And It List Grand Final

Tickets On Sale For The Most Wanted And It List Grand Final

Join us for a night of celebrations when we crown Creative HEAD’s stars of 2024

HeadUp X Calm

Creative HEAD is thrilled to announce tickets are on sale now for the 2024 Most Wanted and It list Grand Final, where 22 trophies will be bestowed.

Taking place on Monday 2 September, hairdressing’s ‘hot ticket’ event moves this year to Beams – a brand new lofty East London location by the River Thames, which has already played host to big brands like Bentley and Converse, and globally acclaimed DJs including  Skepta and The Martinez Brothers. Launched as a centre for new culture, the authentically preserved former warehouse is now getting set for our gathering of the industry’s greatest – to witness the spectacle of 700 A-listers from the worlds of hair, fashion, the media and beyond dressed up to the max – coming together to celebrate the crowning of 16 Most Wanted and six It List winners.

Over the years, as well as platforming the most accomplished and exciting talents in British and Irish hairdressing, the Most Wanted and It List Grand Final has welcomed to the stage comedians like Katherine Ryan and Jack Whitehall, beatboxer Mr Fox and drag act, Sync The Pink. Working with the most stylish caterers in town, the event is always fully loaded with sensational food and drink – only the coolest offerings make it onto our Grand Final menus. Our photography and video teams are everywhere on the night, capturing every minute of every magic moment – including exclusive content for our souvenir supplement (featuring imagery from our specially commissioned and now famous Grand Final photo shoot).

From doors open to guest departure, we work hard to make sure every single Grand Final attendee is having the most wonderful time. The icing on the cake? Everything is included in the ticket price (including the after-party bar) – the only reason to bring your wallet is for the taxi ride home.

MWIT’s about to go down – ready to secure your tickets? Email your booking request to For ticket enquires call +44 (0)20 7324 7540.

Most Wanted and It List Grand Final 2024

Monday 2 September

7pm until 1.30am 

Beams, London E16 2HB

Ceremonies are scheduled to conclude at midnight.


Single ticket: £285 + plus VAT

Table of 10: £2,750 + VAT

Limited number of VIP tables available, please ask for details. Prices include all food and drink – all night long. Ticket terms and conditions apply.