An Authentic Take

An Authentic Take

A Creative HEAD and AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT partnership

This Creative HEAD shoot, in partnership with AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT, showcases signature twists on iconic styles, delivered by Joseph Ferraro and Melissa Timperley.

Hair: Joseph Ferraro and Melissa Timperley for Authentic Beauty Concept
Portrait photography: Andrew Woffinden (A&R Creative), assisted by Marija Vainilaviciute and Luke Weller
Fashion: Harriet Nicolson (Stella Creative Artists)
Make-up: Cat Parnell using Charlotte Tilbury
Editorial: Amanda Nottage (Creative HEAD)
Social media & reportage photography: Kelsey Dring and Aoife Connell (Creative HEAD)
Production: Joanna Kidd (Creative HEAD)
Models: Maisie Stock (MOT) and Nayha Queiroz (MMG Models)
Shot on location at Stā Studios, with thanks to Greg Thomas


It’s Serving Realness

It’s Serving Realness

A Creative HEAD and AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT partnership

It’s Serving Realness

A Creative HEAD and AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT partnership

Venture behind the scenes as Joseph Ferraro and Melissa Timperley deliver their authentic takes on two iconic styles in a Creative HEAD and AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT partnership shoot.

Other hairdressers? We’re fascinated by them. They captivate us. The way they work, their routines and inspirations… And we’re obsessed with gaining that insider knowledge – to find out how a look is approached, to see a creative process unfold, to witness signature skills in action. We’re here for the back stories – and in an exclusive partnership between Creative HEAD and AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT, that’s what we’re going to get, as we unpack authentic takes on two iconic styles from a pair of cutting creatives par excellence. Joseph Ferraro? He’s serving long and luscious, while Melissa Timperley is dissecting the modern-day bob. The door at London’s Stā Studios is open…

Joseph Ferraro

Joseph Ferraro
Joseph Ferraro Hair, Harrogate

My authentic style is…
As I’ve gotten older, my authentic style would be something that has to compliment the client’s or the model’s face shape and hair structure. It’s about keeping it as real as possible – try not to make it too extravagant, too complicated and do what feels right for me and the clients.

Who really owns their authentic style?
Paloma Faith, she knows her own identity, whether you like it or not. She comes on stage and portrays herself as who she is. She would be fab to style – she’s fun and bubbly and that comes across with her hair and style as well.

I love Working Hairspray. On photographic shoots or session work in shows, I love it because it gives you the ability to change it up, brush it out and still keep the shine. 

Joseph Ferraro styling

The Minimalist Mermaid

“This is a very effortless wave that’s brushed out, but it’s a little bit irregular. You don’t want a uniform feel for a new era mermaid wave…”

“Some of the sections I took a little bit lower from the roots, using a triple barrel waver. Some of the sections are higher and then some of the sections at the ends I left out straighter, so it just feels a little bit more effortless. I’ve used the Nymph Salt Spray to prep and give it that sort of gritty, lived-in texture and then working with the Working Hairspray.

“The key to make it look modern? Don’t be afraid to brush it out. Get a comb in there, get your fingers in there and give it that very fluffy texture but still keeping that wave looking through it.”

The kit: Nymph Salt Spray, Working Hairspray and Strong Hold Hairspray from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT

Joseph Ferraro styling

The Piecey Pony

“The genesis is the classic, elegant ponytail… but I didn’t want just a simple pony!”

“This has an editorial twist to it. A little bit of Nymph Salt Spray at the roots gives me some grit when I’m putting it up. I split the hair into two ponytails, with the top one taking hair from around the ear to the top of the head to elevate it. Once they were merged into a tight ponytail, I wrapped a little bit of wire around to create that elongated pony that we could shape later. Once that was in place, I used an invisible cotton to criss-cross all the way through. I used Working Hairspray throughout, then pulled bits out of the pony to create this lovely bubble effect that I could then shape with the wire.”

The kit: Amplify Mousse, Nymph Salt Spray and Working Hairspray from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT

Joseph Ferraro styling

The Nineties Knots

“It’s a little bit more raw, a little bit more textured, very organic and not too symmetrical. It’s very much a visual placement that I’ve done, looking at my model, and with no hard lines.”

“I went for more of a twist on the side rather than a braid, it feels organic rather than a bit more of a pretty braid. This twist is more complimentary to this soft texture.

“I worked in a lot of the Nymph Salt Spray and the Working Hairspray. I’ve just used m fingers to create the section, so no hard lines with a comb. I have knotted the hair just like you would do a knot – probably about three times on each section because her hair was very long. Then I’ve roped and twisted the end and basically wrapped that end into itself and then pulled it out to create something that’s irregular.

“Working through the front, if you just go into circular motions, you’ll see a lot of the baby hair or that new growth hair. It creates a bit more of a three-dimensional look.”

The kit: Nymph Salt Spray and Working Hairspray from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT

Melissa Timperley

Melissa Timperley
Melissa Timperley Salons, Manchester

My authentic style is…
Classic with a fashionable modern twist.

Who really owns their authentic style?
Anne Hathaway – she’s having a moment! Yeah. I love that no matter what role she plays, she seems to be herself always, her most natural self. She can be quite a chameleon in the way she changes her look, but it’s always authentic to her.

Hydrate Curl Enhancer. We do a lot of curly hair in the salon, and this is my go-to.

Joseph Ferraro styling

The Hydro Bob

“You’ll always see a wet bob seen on the red carpet. My model’s hair has got a lot of natural texture, and I wanted to create a real smooth and shiny canvas without it looking greasy.”

“I cocktailed the Amplify Conditioner and Amplify Mousse together to create this sheen that’s going to take out some of the natural texture and keep it looking flawless. This is a new way of wearing a bob, creating more of a sleek, defined look but still with some
authentic texture in it. Be warned; you’ve got to be careful that it doesn’t look like you’ve just stepped out of the shower. I want that sexy sweatiness about it…”

Be very generous with your product. You want to make sure the products aren’t just for the look – you still want the hair to move. I’ve paired a gel conditioner – using it as a styling gel with a mousse but something that’s not going to dry crispy!”

The kit: Amplify Conditioner and Amplify Mousse from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT

Joseph Ferraro styling

The Bedhead Bob

“This is giving me Zendaya! The whole point of this lock is to enhance the natural texture.

We’ve started with soaking wet hair pre-cleansed, and with this hair type, it needed moisture. We used the Hydrate Cleanser, then it’s a mixture of the Amplify Mousse and the Hydrate Curl Enhancer.

“You need the hair to be absolutely soaking wet to apply the product and then enhance the movement. I diffused the hair, making sure not to move the hair too much as you diffuse – it’s a common mistake people make when diffusing hair. To elevate the look even more I just tonged a little in the front section, shortening the length to create a little bit more movement.”

The kit: Hydrate Cleanser, Amplify Mousse and Hydrate Curl Enhancer from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT

Joseph Ferraro styling

The Fauxhawk

“This creates the softness and versatility of a ponytail, while still keeping all the hair off the face.”

“This is great for anyone who wants to spice up a ponytail but doesn’t want to have that slick look of a bun. We worked with the model’s authentic texture, using the Airy Texture Spray and the Nude Powder Spray to create some fullness in the hair. I separated it into three ponytails – one at the top, one at the crown and one at the bottom back and flipped out each ponytail and then pinned it into place. It’s pretty simple, and one that clients can create at home.”

The kit: Airy Texture Spray, Nude Powder Spray and Working Hairspray from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT

A Creative HEAD shoot, in partnership with AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT
HAIR: Joseph Ferraro and Melissa Timperley for AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT
PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrew Woffinden (A&R Creative), assisted by Marija Vainilaviciute and Luke Weller
FASHION: Harriet Nicolson (Stella Creative Artists)
MAKE-UP: Cat Parnell using Charlotte Tilbury
EDITORIAL: Amanda Nottage (Creative HEAD)
SOCIAL MEDIA & REPORTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY: Kelsey Dring and Aoife Connell (Creative HEAD)
PRODUCTION: Joanna Kidd (Creative HEAD)
MODELS: Maisie Stock (MOT) and Nayha Queiroz (MMG Models)
Shot on location at Stā Studios, with thanks to Greg Thomas

Believe in Authentic Beauty

Believe in Authentic Beauty


Believe in Authentic Beauty

AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT was inspired by hairdressers, artisans and people who share the same values. Will you join the movement?


A desire for truth and authenticity – that’s what today’s modern consumers are searching for. They’re eschewing over-engineered formulas, over-glamourised and filtered hair looks, craving real and honest discussions instead of corporate speak. Shared beliefs, an eye on sustainability, community – this is life in the new now.

This is AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT, a holistic, premium brand inspired by hairdressers, artisans and people who share the same values. Something honest, simple and made with carefully selected ingredients, AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT has curated a range of hair and body products that fit with today’s beliefs. This is a brand that people can relate to, nourishing their salon experience and home beauty rituals to a new level, powered by beliefs that chime with your clients today…


We believe in… pure formulas

What is left out is as important as what’s put in. Its care and styling formulas are created with a free-from philosophy; they are free from sulphates,* parabens, silicones, mineral oils and artificial colourants. Natural ingredients are extracted gently while preserving their benefits. This is nature meeting science…

We believe in… a no-filter attitude

AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT was created as a movement with hairdressers and artisans sharing the same values, that build on today’s beliefs and individual experiences – this is a unique community embracing a new attitude towards beauty. The mindset behind the #authenticbeautymovement? ‘Be yourself’.

We believe in… authentic hair

The hair of today follows a new language, celebrating the free and unique textures of true beauty. It’s what you don’t see that makes the difference; care products create the canvas, styling products invisibly enhance authentic hair with a ‘no styling’ approach. It’s about building on the natural beauty that is already there. Effortless, crafted quality – a reduced luxury.

We believe in… a mindful experience

A mindful moment is about connecting inner and outer beauty through real experiences, reconnecting with yourself. AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT empowers the hairdresser to create a different, premium in-salon environment that blocks out the busy, crafting a moment to remember – a memento. The in-salon Momento Menu delivers a unique sensory journey with premium ingredients, blissful products and a relaxing, spa-like experience… with take-home treats allowing guests to follow their bliss back in their own bathrooms.

Carefully selected, pure ingredients. Real hair styles. Honest discussion. Artisan skills. Unique experiences. Shared beliefs. This is the new now – the authentic beauty movement. It just needs you to be part of it, too…

Recycle and Reuse – the AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT way

Sustainability runs through the core of AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT, enabling your salon to do more to protect the planet’s future:
• A partnership with Green Salon Collective aims to raise the standards of sustainability across the industry. From events to share and inspire sustainable salon practices to discounted services for AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT salons to recycle the traditionally impossible (hair, foil, colour tubes, towels) alongside plastic, paper, PPE, chemicals and general waste.
• There’s also access to GSC education on waste, energy, water, and food, as well as staff policies and social responsibilities.
• But it’s not just about recycling; salons can introduce an AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT refills bar to encourage clients to reuse their mindfully packaged bottles and tubs, often at a reduced retail price. Clear action, clear impact – beauty has. never behaved better

Join the #AUTHENTICBEAUTYMOVEMENT via and @authenticbeautyconceptuk on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube


We’ve Got the Nine Essentials for Stellar Social Media

We’ve Got the Nine Essentials for Stellar Social Media

We’ve Got the Nine Essentials for Stellar Social Media

These hot tips from Phorest could make all the difference to your content, engagement, and bookings.

Promotion – Phorest
Avril Kealy

Avril Kealy

Avril Kealy, Phorest’s digital content strategist, knows a thing or two about stellar social media marketing. Creative HEAD asks her to shares her tips on nailing content and engagement…

Despite most of us scrolling on social media every day, harnessing its power for your business can be a daunting challenge. Did you know that a massive 93 per cent of small business owners report that they struggle with social media marketing? As a salon owner, embracing the power of social media can help you attract new clients, connect with your audience, grow your brand, and fill empty spaces in your appointment book. Who doesn’t want that for their business? 

Below are a few practical tips on social media marketing ideas to help your business stand out from the crowd. Oh, and guess what? You can use salon software like Phorest, to help with lots of them! 

TIP! High-Quality Visuals Form the Basis of Great Social Media Marketing 

When creating social media content, remember that your posts will live on feeds that are simultaneously filled with high-budget, high-quality content from other companies. Don’t fall behind just because you’re not focusing on your visuals! While you don’t need a camera crew and professional studio to make your social posts look great, you should adhere to certain quality guidelines.       

Pay attention to the lighting, backgrounds, and positioning you use; whether posting photos or videos. Similarly, try to showcase the vibe of your business through your visual content. For example, use relaxing music in the background of videos if you want to communicate your space as a sanctuary of serenity, or more upbeat and vibrant music if your salon fits that vibe. Perhaps place products in front of lush foliage and greenery if you want to show that your business is a place where nature meets self-care. 

Instagram on phone

TIP! Lift the Curtain: Go Behind the Scenes & Show Your Brand’s Personality 

With many businesses attempting to curate the perfect, polished image of themselves on social media, many consumers feel their social media feeds are full of dull, homogenous content. Because of this, audiences are increasingly more interested in seeing the unique, authentic personalities of the brands they love.  

What makes your brand unique? Is it your people? The services you provide? The outstanding experience that clients have once they enter your doors? Post content that shows this. Allow your audience to “meet the team” through funny videos. Capture clips showing the “behind the scenes” of running a successful salon or bring people through your daily routine in photo or video logs.  

Creating personable content like this helps humanise your brand, making clients feel more comfortable, especially when they can see the personalities and expertise of the individuals providing the services. This creates a stronger connection between you and your audience, boosting client loyalty and increasing positive reviews.

TIP! Share Before and After Pictures for Visual Proof  

Many salons still don’t understand the power of before and after photos and are often underutilising this tool. Scatter these throughout your social media feeds to give visual proof of the great work you do. 

For hair and nail treatments it’s all about the finished look first – don’t be tempted to add the ‘before’ to your carousel first.  You want it to be aspirational, so focus first on the end result.  

TIP! Boost Engagement with Educational Content & At-Home Tips 

Add value to your social media profiles and engage more clients by sharing education content and/or at-home treatment tips. This extends your service beyond the confines of the salon and creates a more engaged audience who feel they’re getting more value from their services. 

Education content and at-home tips can be shared through videos, images, or stories/highlights on your feed. This could include you and your team sharing wellness tips, self-care routines, product recommendations, or relaxation advice. As well as showcasing your brand personality and introducing your audience to the real people behind your work, providing education content like this can help position your business as an authority in your field. 

With an integrated online store, you can even link any products you’re recommending on social media for an immediate interaction and potential sale. 

Instagram like graphic

TIP! Advertise last-minute availability on your Stories with a Link to Book 

By announcing last-minute openings on social media, you can quickly fill empty slots in your schedule and maximise your daily bookings and revenue. While this is great for your business, it’s also great for your guests! Some clients prefer spontaneous decisions. They might see that you have a last-minute cancellation for a treatment and blow-dry and decide to treat themselves, later associating your business as one that helped them relax and engage in self-care, even at short notice.  

Broadcasting last-minute availability and making it easy to book with a link straight to your online booking system, ensures your appointment book stays full all day. 

TIP! Collaborating with Local Influencers can Help Build Your Brand 

Partnering with local wellness influencers or bloggers can help you increase your following, build a loyal audience, and increase bookings. With 67 per cent of people turning to influencers before making a purchase NOTE Please set to open in new browser window], leveraging influencers’ audiences to expand your business’ online reach and brand credibility can be successful and lucrative for your business. This could include gifting or paying an influencer to visit your salon to document the experience, or gifting or paying them to review a particular treatment/product/service you provide. How you engage in this type of marketing will vary depending on your unique business goals.  

When it comes to influencer marketing, remember the importance of choosing someone relatively local. This means the majority of their followers are in your salon’s catchment area and can easily travel to you for appointments.  

TIP! Share Client Testimonials and Success Stories 

Did you know that 42 per cent of people search on social media when looking for a new salon to visit? Not publishing testimonials and reviews could mean that you’re missing out on a huge cohort of potential new clients! Gathering glowing testimonials is easy with Phorest when you use the Online Reputation Manager tool that allows you to request, reply to, and publish reviews all from one place in your spa software system. Make review management a habit and watch your online reputation and revenue grow. 

It’s important to always ask permission before using client photos or videos on social media. To avoid any unnecessary back and forth, why not add this as a question or tick box on your pre-treatment consultation form?  

TIP! Run Social Media Promotions to Turn Followers into Clients 

One of the major struggles many businesses face with social media is that it can be difficult to convert followers into clients. While this is not always the goal in social media marketing, running social-specific promotions can be a great way to get those followers in your door and trying treatments in real life. Run social media competitions offering discounts, package deals, or early access to new treatments as prizes to social media followers who like, share, and follow your posts. 

Or, to boost product sales on your online store, why not set up a discount code and share it online across your socials,

allowing your followers to get more “bang for their buck” on professional products? By blending online and in-salon promotions, you can start seeing your booking numbers increase alongside your online following.  

TIP! Social Media Ads can help Supercharge your Marketing Efforts 

If you’re ready to go the extra mile to make your social media marketing efforts really stand out and get the love they deserve, why not invest in social media ads? Social media ads are paid ads that can be used to target existing or potential clients according to their gender, location, interests, and other demographics. While organic posts are free and will be seen by a certain number of people, paid ads can target a larger audience, allowing you to significantly increase your reach and build hype around your brand. 

Social media ads can be created and run in the back end of Meta, or in an integrated tool, such as Phorest’s Ads Manager. 

Ready to become a social marketing pro? Whether you’re ready to up your photography game, knuckle down and focus on gathering reviews, or start partnering with influencers, hopefully you now feel ready to take on the challenge! And remember that Phorest looks after the management of your salon, leaving you more time to do the things you love!  

Want to know more about how Phorest can fuel your salon’s success? Visit


Anxious? L’Oréal Professionnel Paris is offering free access to the Calm app

Anxious? L’Oréal Professionnel Paris is offering free access to the Calm app

Anxious? L’Oréal Professionnel Paris is offering free access to the Calm app

New partnership aims to help stressed stylists in tandem with Head Up initiative.

HeadUp X Calm

About 2,000 hours a year – that’s how long stylists listen to their clients, according to a study by Samaritans. It’s well known that hairdressers and barbers hear some intensely personal and potentially traumatic tales from their clients, offering advice and support alongside colour and styling. Is it any wonder that 65 per cent of stylists have told a L’Oréal study that they’ve experienced anxiety, burnout or depression at some point during their career? 

 In a move to offer extra practical help to those feeling stressed, L’Oréal Professionnel Paris is partnering with the app Calm to offer three months of free access, with 50 per cent off Calm’s annual subscription price following that free period. This follows the launch last year of the Head Up initiative from L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, which offers free online training to stylists on its Access platform, with its tools including meditation, breathing and movement exercises. Since its launch, more than 92,000 hairstylists from 25 countries have completed the first training module. 

 Via the Calm partnership, stylists can access masterclasses and relaxing stories to enhance sleep quality. The meditation, sleep and relaxation app – which usually offers a one-week free trial – has seen more than 120 million downloads, with easy access to resources available 24/7 in seven languages. 

 The Head Up X Calm subscription is available via L’Oréal Access or