It’s Serving Realness

It’s Serving Realness

A Creative HEAD and AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT partnership

It’s Serving Realness

A Creative HEAD and AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT partnership

Venture behind the scenes as Joseph Ferraro and Melissa Timperley deliver their authentic takes on two iconic styles in a Creative HEAD and AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT partnership shoot.

Other hairdressers? We’re fascinated by them. They captivate us. The way they work, their routines and inspirations… And we’re obsessed with gaining that insider knowledge – to find out how a look is approached, to see a creative process unfold, to witness signature skills in action. We’re here for the back stories – and in an exclusive partnership between Creative HEAD and AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT, that’s what we’re going to get, as we unpack authentic takes on two iconic styles from a pair of cutting creatives par excellence. Joseph Ferraro? He’s serving long and luscious, while Melissa Timperley is dissecting the modern-day bob. The door at London’s Stā Studios is open…

Joseph Ferraro

Joseph Ferraro
Joseph Ferraro Hair, Harrogate

My authentic style is…
As I’ve gotten older, my authentic style would be something that has to compliment the client’s or the model’s face shape and hair structure. It’s about keeping it as real as possible – try not to make it too extravagant, too complicated and do what feels right for me and the clients.

Who really owns their authentic style?
Paloma Faith, she knows her own identity, whether you like it or not. She comes on stage and portrays herself as who she is. She would be fab to style – she’s fun and bubbly and that comes across with her hair and style as well.

I love Working Hairspray. On photographic shoots or session work in shows, I love it because it gives you the ability to change it up, brush it out and still keep the shine. 

Joseph Ferraro styling

The Minimalist Mermaid

“This is a very effortless wave that’s brushed out, but it’s a little bit irregular. You don’t want a uniform feel for a new era mermaid wave…”

“Some of the sections I took a little bit lower from the roots, using a triple barrel waver. Some of the sections are higher and then some of the sections at the ends I left out straighter, so it just feels a little bit more effortless. I’ve used the Nymph Salt Spray to prep and give it that sort of gritty, lived-in texture and then working with the Working Hairspray.

“The key to make it look modern? Don’t be afraid to brush it out. Get a comb in there, get your fingers in there and give it that very fluffy texture but still keeping that wave looking through it.”

The kit: Nymph Salt Spray, Working Hairspray and Strong Hold Hairspray from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT

Joseph Ferraro styling

The Piecey Pony

“The genesis is the classic, elegant ponytail… but I didn’t want just a simple pony!”

“This has an editorial twist to it. A little bit of Nymph Salt Spray at the roots gives me some grit when I’m putting it up. I split the hair into two ponytails, with the top one taking hair from around the ear to the top of the head to elevate it. Once they were merged into a tight ponytail, I wrapped a little bit of wire around to create that elongated pony that we could shape later. Once that was in place, I used an invisible cotton to criss-cross all the way through. I used Working Hairspray throughout, then pulled bits out of the pony to create this lovely bubble effect that I could then shape with the wire.”

The kit: Amplify Mousse, Nymph Salt Spray and Working Hairspray from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT

Joseph Ferraro styling

The Nineties Knots

“It’s a little bit more raw, a little bit more textured, very organic and not too symmetrical. It’s very much a visual placement that I’ve done, looking at my model, and with no hard lines.”

“I went for more of a twist on the side rather than a braid, it feels organic rather than a bit more of a pretty braid. This twist is more complimentary to this soft texture.

“I worked in a lot of the Nymph Salt Spray and the Working Hairspray. I’ve just used m fingers to create the section, so no hard lines with a comb. I have knotted the hair just like you would do a knot – probably about three times on each section because her hair was very long. Then I’ve roped and twisted the end and basically wrapped that end into itself and then pulled it out to create something that’s irregular.

“Working through the front, if you just go into circular motions, you’ll see a lot of the baby hair or that new growth hair. It creates a bit more of a three-dimensional look.”

The kit: Nymph Salt Spray and Working Hairspray from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT

Melissa Timperley

Melissa Timperley
Melissa Timperley Salons, Manchester

My authentic style is…
Classic with a fashionable modern twist.

Who really owns their authentic style?
Anne Hathaway – she’s having a moment! Yeah. I love that no matter what role she plays, she seems to be herself always, her most natural self. She can be quite a chameleon in the way she changes her look, but it’s always authentic to her.

Hydrate Curl Enhancer. We do a lot of curly hair in the salon, and this is my go-to.

Joseph Ferraro styling

The Hydro Bob

“You’ll always see a wet bob seen on the red carpet. My model’s hair has got a lot of natural texture, and I wanted to create a real smooth and shiny canvas without it looking greasy.”

“I cocktailed the Amplify Conditioner and Amplify Mousse together to create this sheen that’s going to take out some of the natural texture and keep it looking flawless. This is a new way of wearing a bob, creating more of a sleek, defined look but still with some
authentic texture in it. Be warned; you’ve got to be careful that it doesn’t look like you’ve just stepped out of the shower. I want that sexy sweatiness about it…”

Be very generous with your product. You want to make sure the products aren’t just for the look – you still want the hair to move. I’ve paired a gel conditioner – using it as a styling gel with a mousse but something that’s not going to dry crispy!”

The kit: Amplify Conditioner and Amplify Mousse from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT

Joseph Ferraro styling

The Bedhead Bob

“This is giving me Zendaya! The whole point of this lock is to enhance the natural texture.

We’ve started with soaking wet hair pre-cleansed, and with this hair type, it needed moisture. We used the Hydrate Cleanser, then it’s a mixture of the Amplify Mousse and the Hydrate Curl Enhancer.

“You need the hair to be absolutely soaking wet to apply the product and then enhance the movement. I diffused the hair, making sure not to move the hair too much as you diffuse – it’s a common mistake people make when diffusing hair. To elevate the look even more I just tonged a little in the front section, shortening the length to create a little bit more movement.”

The kit: Hydrate Cleanser, Amplify Mousse and Hydrate Curl Enhancer from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT

Joseph Ferraro styling

The Fauxhawk

“This creates the softness and versatility of a ponytail, while still keeping all the hair off the face.”

“This is great for anyone who wants to spice up a ponytail but doesn’t want to have that slick look of a bun. We worked with the model’s authentic texture, using the Airy Texture Spray and the Nude Powder Spray to create some fullness in the hair. I separated it into three ponytails – one at the top, one at the crown and one at the bottom back and flipped out each ponytail and then pinned it into place. It’s pretty simple, and one that clients can create at home.”

The kit: Airy Texture Spray, Nude Powder Spray and Working Hairspray from AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT

A Creative HEAD shoot, in partnership with AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT
HAIR: Joseph Ferraro and Melissa Timperley for AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT
PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrew Woffinden (A&R Creative), assisted by Marija Vainilaviciute and Luke Weller
FASHION: Harriet Nicolson (Stella Creative Artists)
MAKE-UP: Cat Parnell using Charlotte Tilbury
EDITORIAL: Amanda Nottage (Creative HEAD)
SOCIAL MEDIA & REPORTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY: Kelsey Dring and Aoife Connell (Creative HEAD)
PRODUCTION: Joanna Kidd (Creative HEAD)
MODELS: Maisie Stock (MOT) and Nayha Queiroz (MMG Models)
Shot on location at Stā Studios, with thanks to Greg Thomas

Can A New Salon Recycler Make A Dent In the UK’s Hairdressing Waste?

Can A New Salon Recycler Make A Dent In the UK’s Hairdressing Waste?

Can a new salon recycler make a dent in the UK’s hairdressing waste?

New service launches to help cut salon waste heading to landfill.

Colour tubes, plastic packaging, colour heavy foils… we all know the salon can produce a lot of waste that’s tough to recycle. A new service is launching in the UK that’s focused on improving that challenge.

SalonCycle’s goal is to help hairdressers and hair and beauty salons reduce the amounts of hard-to-recycle types of waste that gets sent to landfill or incineration. Having already launched in the US, SalonCycle’s service asks salons and stylists to split waste into two boxes:

  • SalonCycle Composting Box – for hair clippings and trimmings. 
  • SalonCycle Recycling Box – for used hair foils, metal colour tubes, flexible and rigid plastic containers, disposable gloves and masks, empty coffee cups and food wrappers. 

Boxes are sent directly to salons and placed in “high-traffic areas” throughout the space to encourage easy collection from staff of items that need recycling. Once full, the salon sends the boxes back using the pre-affixed UPS shipping label. 

At TerraCycle, the firm behind the new service, the waste is sorted, cleaned and processed into raw materials. Human hair is industrially composted, while items such as plastics, metals and rubber are processed and remoulded to make new recycled products like metal sheeting, flooring tiles, shipping pallets, and outdoor furniture.

“Having to separate waste into lots of different sub-categories can be confusing and ultimately can act as a barrier to adoption in the salon,” admitted Julien Tremblin, general manager at TerraCycle Europe. “SalonCycle only offers two boxes; one for human hair and the other for everything else that is either plastic or metal. The solution couldn’t be easier.”


Clean Beauty? It’s More Than Just Products

Clean Beauty? It’s More Than Just Products

Clean Beauty? It's More Than Just Products

Promotion – Bonacure Clean from Schwarzkopf Professional

As the conversation around clean beauty gathers pace, Schwarzkopf Professional knows that the movement means so much more than the formulas of shampoos and conditioners…

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Clean model
Schwarzkopf Professional BC Clean

You’ve probably had plenty of clients in your chair asking you about what exactly is in the products you’re using, asking about formulas and ingredients. Clean beauty is not a passing trend; this is a way of life for an increasing number of consumers… but to be really clean? It’s going to take more than a shampoo!

With a passionate dedication to sustainability, Schwarzkopf Professional is keen to empower the industry to think differently about clean hair care. This is not just about using the right products – it’s a philosophy that goes beyond labels. The brand’s approach to clean beauty revolves around simplicity, sustainability, and transparency, showcasing that clean, free-from hair care doesn’t require compromising on performance. In fact, its next generation formulas – powered by vegan keratin and skincare-inspired ingredients your clients will know and love – can empower both your finished results AND your retail business. This is 360-degree thinking, building your business in line with consumer beauty trends to help you thrill more clients, today and in the future.

Why clean beauty matters…

What does clean beauty mean? It’s about choosing products that are free from harmful chemicals and made with a commitment to sustainability. And just look at the newest salons and the entrepreneurs behind them, as well as the freshest crop of independent stylists, because the clean beauty movement is reshaping the hairdressing industry. They are driving demand for products that deliver excellent results without the need for harsh additives. It’s not only their clients that care; so too do these new of stylists and salon owners.

Clean beauty delivers

The Bonacure Clean Performance range from Schwarzkopf Professional showcases its commitment to clean beauty;
that a clean approach to hair care leads to better hair health and a more sustainable future. Here’s why it matters:
Less build-up… and better texture: These formulas avoid heavy silicones and waxes, reducing product build-up and
enhancing hair’s natural texture and volume. Result!

Reduced risk of allergies: Post-Covid, lots of consumers are more sensitive to ingredients. The elimination of sulphates, artificial colorants, and other harsh chemicals makes clean beauty ideal for those with sensitive scalps or prone to allergies. Long-lasting hair health: Clean hair care promotes healthier hair long term, with fewer additives that can lead to dependency. Sustainability and environmental responsibility: By choosing clean beauty, you’re making a choice that benefits both your clients’ hair AND the planet. Surely that’s a convincing argument?

Myth-busting clean beauty

Yes, lots of people are talking clean beauty… but not everyone is getting it right. Let’s debunk some common misconceptions so you can consult with confidence. Being ‘clean’ doesn’t necessarily mean vegan, natural, or green – although these categories often overlap. Here’s what sets them apart:

Clean: Focuses on simplicity, avoiding unnecessary chemicals like sulphates and mineral oils.
Vegan: Excludes animal-derived ingredients but may still contain synthetic chemicals.
Natural: Uses plant, animal, or mineral-based ingredients, but isn’t necessarily eco-friendly.
Green: Emphasises environmental sustainability throughout a product’s lifecycle.

At its core, clean beauty is about using simple, essential ingredients that are kind to your hair and the environment… and Schwarzkopf Professional is inviting hair pros and clients to embrace the clean beauty movement! With its Bonacure Clean Performance range, Schwarzkopf Professional is totally committed to delivering high-performing hair care that solve your clients’ problems… while also being clean. Gorgeous looking, healthy hair and a cleaner conscience – it’s a futureproofing formula for your business!

Join the clean beauty movement with Schwarzkopf Professional as your planet-friendly partner! Discover everything about the brand, the products and the power of its skincare-inspired ingredients at 


“I Love Doing Hair On Clients But Can’t Handle Traditional Salons” – Ashleigh Hodges On The Genesis Of Mash Creative Studio

“I Love Doing Hair On Clients But Can’t Handle Traditional Salons” – Ashleigh Hodges On The Genesis Of Mash Creative Studio

“I Love Doing Hair On Clients But Can’t Handle Traditional Salons” – Ashleigh Hodges On The Genesis Of Mash Creative Studio

The Hackney-based space is now open for creatives, with sustainability at its core.

Ashleigh Hodges keeps a lot of plates spinning. There’s her role as a global colour ambassador for Davines, her session work as part of the Hairdotcom team and her ever-expanding involvement with the Fellowship for British Hairdressing. Now, she’s opened her own space as well as unveiling her own education. Ashleigh talks us through the key ingredients to her Mash… 

What’s the aim of Mash Creative Studio?  
To offer a sustainable, calm and creative space for hair professionals and beyond. I work in so many areas of our industry – from flying around the world on campaign shoots, teaching or working on TV – so I wanted to create a space to bring my creative community together. Being a former photographic studio, it was perfect to create a multi-functional space for creatives. I love doing hair on my clients but can’t handle being in traditional salons – so much noise and stimuli for this autistic girl. I wanted to create a space that offers a calm environment for both hairdresser and client, with sustainability at the forefront.  

What’s on offer at Mash? 
We offer the space for photoshoots, seminars, education, intimate events, chair rental and more. If you’re trying to make the world a better place, we have the creative space for you to do just that. 

Ashleigh Hodges

Ashleigh Hodges

“I love doing hair on my clients but I can’t handle being in traditional salons – so much noise and stimuli for this autistic girl!” – Ashleigh Hodges

Talk us through the design concept… 
Sustainability was at the forefront of our design. Working with the motto “the world doesn’t need more stuff” made us think outside the box creatively when it came to interior design. All the furniture has been sourced second-hand from markets or flea markets, the House of Hackney feature wallpaper and soft furnishings were sourced from a sample sale. My aim was to curate a beautiful canvas for people and brands to be able to make their own mark when renting out, while keeping our own signature character.  

How will you be marketing your space to collaborators?  
We have created beautiful brochures about the space that are sent out to everyone on our mailing list. Authentic marketing is my aim, reaching out to people personally and helping to shape their creative ideas into reality. East London is a hub of creativity so connecting with others within the community is paramount. Curated social media posts, and working with those within our growing community to spread the word and benefit from that. 

Mash Creative Studio
Mash Creative Studio

What advice do you have for independent stylists looking for a working space?   
Find the space that’s right for you. Test a few out, try them on for size before you settle down. You will know if it’s right within the first hour. There are so many great work spaces out there depending on your professional needs. Look at your business and find the right one that aligns with it. Think of it as a long-term brand collaboration; you want to make sure your two brands lift each other up.  

What are your future plans?  
So many things! My brain never rests. I already have more plans for Mash Creative in the pipeline, and with the launch of my new academy there’s lots coming there too. And to top it off, I’m about to become the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s youngest ever president. I’m ready to shake things up for sure! 




Promotion – Great Lengths

As an industry it’s paramount that we work towards more sustainable practices. Bringing a new approach to hair extensions, Great Lengths has achieved B-Corp certification.

Great Lengths models

When it comes to sustainability, it goes beyond Earth Month. As an industry, it’s vital we all do our bit, all year round, to work towards a more sustainable future for everyone. Very few brands and businesses are awarded B Corp certification, and Great Lengths is the first of its kind in the hair extensions market.  

Following years of consistent, sustainable practices across the brand, Great Lengths has become the first extensions brand to have been awarded B Corp certification across the globe. This Earth Month, the Italian brand is shining light on its continued consideration for environmental and social responsibilities that have been part of its agenda for some time, with measures put in place more than 10 years ago which focus on care for both people and the planet by working towards a circular economy.

The B Corp certification recognises the efforts Great Lengths has made to be more inclusive at all levels, from the welfare of its employees and the trust of its consumers to working towards reducing the beauty footprint of the entire production chain. As one of the world’s leading names in human hair extensions, Great Lengths strives to use its influence for good and encourage others to consider the differences they can make.  

“Working with B Corp brands such as Great Lengths is incredibly important to us,” says Susan Collins, owner of, B Corp certified salon Home of Hair, in County Wicklow in Ireland. “We actively seek out suppliers that are committed to the wellbeing of people and the planet, as we know those that have achieved B Corp status have exceptionally high standards of practise.”

Great Lengths

‘Perception’ by Great Lengths

Great Lengths

She adds: “Being a certified B Corp is confirmation that a company is fully transparent and has made ethical choices. This is a very easy sell to a client – if they’re sitting in your chair, they have already decided to spend that little bit extra, but they also know that there are no shady or grey areas in the product they’re investing in. Working with B Corp certified suppliers means that you don’t have to deep dive into everything to make sure they align with your company ethos and practices.” 

Great Lengths offers a circular, transparent chain with its hair. Ethical sourcing of hair is fundamental to the brand philosophy, and it prides itself on the strict processes and measures that ensure both the quality and ethicality of the hair. All hair is sourced from Indian temples, where it is voluntarily donated during a ritual known as ‘tonsuring’. Each strand is given willingly and with full consent, and revenue generated is fed back into the local community. 

In its continued effort to strive for sustainable practices, Great Lengths also has a global partnership with The Little Princess Trust and offers a donation scheme in more than 1,500 salons in the UK and Ireland and more than 60 countries worldwide. The scheme gives clients who use extensions the opportunity to change lives. When their extensions are removed, clients can choose to donate them to the charity to make into real hair wigs, which are provided free to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other conditions. It costs nothing to be involved and is an impactful way for a salon to give back and reduce waste. Shorter hair extensions which are unsuitable for donation to the Little Princess Trust partnership are recycled in the same way as natural hair clippings.  

To find out more about Great Lengths and its efforts towards sustainability, head to